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Bass Tadros : "Christopher's ground breaking book "how MEN & WOMEN do FIT" is about how with the knowledge of our three brains, men and women can understand each other much better.

That we can skip the idea that we are from different worlds and therefore do not understand each other. And much more important get rid of the stereotyping of masculine or feminine energy or traits.

Because we are all the same only different programmed."

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If I asked you how well you really understand your partner, I wonder what you would score on a scale from 1-10? Honestly, higher or lower than an 8? Of all the people I asked, more than 90% scored 8 or lower. Many times in our lives, we fail to acknowledge our partners in the way we should – only because we fail to understand what they’re trying to tell us. If you do some research on Google about how men and women think and what exactly they mean when they say certain things, you will find horrible stereotypes. Men are, by and large, very simple creatures. They think about sex, food and sleep almost always and they will say everything and anything to achieve that! Whilst on the other hand, women are more contextual and emotional in their thought/feeling processes. Women tend to think about “us” and harmony and prefer to lie, then tell what they think. Sometimes, these stereotypes go as far as to classify men and women as being creatures from different planets. When you believe that, there is a long journey to find and maintain the perfect relationship. It is generally accepted to stereotype this as masculine and feminine traits or energy. After 30 years of research, working with more than 10,000 people I have found another explanation that will make life easy and stop the stereotyping of masculine and feminine traits. WE ARE ALL FROM THE SAME PLANET, IT IS JUST THAT WE HAVE 3 BRAINS THAT OPERATE DIFFERENTLY BETWEEN MEN AND WOMAN.

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Chris Sneijders

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