Perfect example of head, heart and gut communication, and how to connect and get your way or be unde

The difference between head, heart and gut communication, and how to connect and get your way or be understood!

A perfect example from 2 and half men, Charlie shows us in an excellent way how to communicate from the heart to connect with the angry ladies, who previously butchered his brother Alan about the custody of his son.

This is such a strong example!! A must see!

For everyone who like to learn more about head, heart and gut communication and if you like to learn more follow our Clinical Hypnotherapy and Holistic Psychotherapy training to learn these skills.

Judith's group tries to overrule Alan's rights, they did so by speaking of their hearts and gut, thus sparring themselves the burden of proof and making it impossible for him to refute or argue on a head brain/rational basis even if he had all the evidence to back him.

In a similar fashion, when Charlie dismantled the group, he did so by expressing (whether he meant it or not) his feelings from the heart with a gut intention, and thus in the exact same manner using language and pathos that THEY could not rival either. Masterfully done.

Sun Tzu would be pleased

Enjoy this masterwork!


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