Happines in relationships? In the Western world, 50% of first marriages break up.

40% will stay in the relationship and tolerate the differences between the partners. They may stay together because of children or for reasons of security. Generally, the players are not really happy and may feel friendship or less. The players are highly likely to have one or more affairs.

9% will be in relationships that are relatively stable and are good to great friendships. Traumas are minimised. No cheating, maybe a mistake that is all.

1%, have a long, happy, and loving relationship. These are the people you see, who happily stay together until the last moment they do the good and hard times. Only one per cent!

0,1% = 1 out of 1.000 Have a Soul-Mate relationship, a deep profound connection that goes deeper than normal love, they experience spiritual love.

I wonder where would you score your relationship?

I also wonder what is the reason that you accept this score?

When we were still a kid probably we believed that everything was possible.

Where did you unlearn to stop dreaming of what you could achieve?

Learn to unlearn!

How? Join our training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis form the best teachers and school in Australia, the date the 25th of February.

This is a beautiful way to get a deeper insight in yourself and the best way to become a therapist, coach or use it for your current job.

There is no other school available in Australia like this. The tools, techniques we teach cannot be found somewhere else!

Reserve your spot now, we have limited seating, quality before quantity!

looking forward to seeing you!

Chris Sneijders

#leadership #selfdevelopment #selfesteem #selfconfidence #NLP

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