Videos about NLP and Hypnotherapy

I decided to produce some videos about NLP/Hypnotherapy to explain more what it does and how it works, so content videos.

Please find the link to the first one and I will post new videos twice a week. and you can follow all of them also on Facebook

And these are new ones I published this week.

With the topics:

  1. what are the secondary gains of my limiting beliefs and

  2. dreaming and making concrete about what we want to have instead

Please find the link to the sequel about this topic. (what are the secondary gains of my limiting beliefs) (dreaming about what we want to have)

As you maybe know, I have a passion to spread the word about the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. I would love that Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, in the way I'm teaching it, gets spread around much more to really help the people to have a life that is flourishing again without addictions, depressions or anxiety. And in this way I hope more people will get interested in studying it or working with it as a client, we can do so many good things out there!

#video #NLP #Hypnotherapy

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