Awakening and living your potential

Do you want to:

  • Experience the insights and sensations of a flourishing happy life, have personal growth and better self esteem?

  • Learning the tools/techniques to have a mindset to achieve your goals?

  • Live in the ‘sweet spot’ of the present moment where possibilities and abilities exists, without addictions, depression or anxiety

  • Change your energy and mindset to have better relationships. 

  • Liberate emotional and healing energy stored in your body, and learn to use it to create a “new you”. Use mental rehearsals to recondition the body to a new mind. 

  • Work on reprogramming your genes and Re-energise your brain.

  • Have a fun and heartwarming experience and

  • have a life changing experience?


During our lives we learn so many useful and also so many limiting beliefs, techniques, skills and behaviours. 

Just imagine you would be able to choose which ones to keep, which ones to install or have more of, and even more important which ones to leave behind and really delete or disconnect from. 

Is it not, that after leaving the store, your life and the life's of your family, friends and colleagues would be much more satisfying, more fulfilling, and more successful?

This Living your Potential workshop is an opportunity for you to retreat from your current busy life for just a few days--to remove you from the constant pressures of our environment that tell us how we should think of ourselves and how others think our personality should be.​

This is an opportunity to embark on a new habit of being

your true self—not being influenced by the people you know or the places you normally go and the things we regularly do.

Being surrounded by people who, just like you, wish to ReMaster themselves and take control over their Personal Leadership, and live to their full potential.


This is all in order to learn some vital information about the new science of possibilities. Through a powerful combination of Positive Psychology, Constellations, focus Techniques, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness, Reiki, EFT, Quantum physics and neuroscience, as well as exciting new concepts in neuroplasticity and epigenetic, you get amazing opportunities and possibilities. 

These words may sound intimidating at first, but we will show you how to easily put all these concepts together to produce positive changes in your life. 

With the power to overcome obstacles such as:

  • limiting beliefs,

  • unhealthy habits,

  • depression,

  • anxiety, 

  • addictions and

  • in some cases even physicals issues; that is the promise of neuroscience and the combined potential of applied epigenetics and quantum physics.

Living your Potential is and personal journey and can be a team or company journey. Just imagine that instead of talking about just one individual, we talk about the team or company empowerment. What kind of limiting beliefs does your team or company live with?, e.g. we are too expensive, too slow in innovation, we do not have people doing the right things, we work in silos, etc. Just imagine that those limiting beliefs or opinions are not there anymore, what would happen then? 

"As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”  ― Nelson MandelaI

My dream is to make this world a better and happier place. Where people have the ability, resources, and belief that it is possible for them to pursue a flourishing lifestyle and leave things behind that should be left behind. 

Robert Dilts shared some beautiful words about this workshop :-)

Robert Dilts.