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The only school that can offer you these amazing techniques from to work with Trauma, PTSD, resilience based on the Mind, Body and Field connection.

Connecting our head, heart and gut brain with the energy of the collective field is a revolutionary new way to connecting with others and at solving issues. 


In particular, those issues where the physical and/or emotional response to a specific trauma or past event is still there. 


These blocks influence decision 

making, create stress, frustration, anger, and inner conflict. 

Who is this training for?

  • Professional coaches

  • Hypnotherapists, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, health care professionals

  • Leaders, managers, supervisors and project managers 

  • Everyone who is interested in self development

Sometimes we think we are over our trauma,

but then why it does not feel that way?

Even though we maybe have compartmentalized our trauma or to say popular put it away and buried it or think we accepted it, in 9 out of 10 times, the moment we really think about it, the emotion comes back and we feel the pain, frustration, grief etc again. 

The reason for this is that we maybe solved it in our head but not in our other brains: the heart and the gut brain and therefor it stays in the body.

What that actually means is: “it is not solved!” the fight and fly respond is still running in the background on a slow burner with all the detrimental effects on our physical and mental health.


Can we solve this? YES when we use all our wisdom we have inside us.

That means our HEAD, HEART and GUT brain.


Research proofs it is true, 100.000 “brain cells” are in our heart and we have more nerve cell connections in our gut than in our brain, and they all communicate with each other.

Only in our western culture we are educated to listen only to our head and therefor we are missing the crucial information from the other brains. 



In these 4 days we will focus on: 

  1. The Head, the Heart and the Gut brain - how they work, how you calibrate with them and how to release the emotions that are stored in them

  2. How to make better decisions utilising the wisdom of your 3 brains

  3. How to lead, manage, coach and connect based on authenticity, trust, compassion and without fear

  4. How to more deeply connect on a trust level with someone else

  5. How to create the field connection dialogue in leadership, coaching or therapy situations

  6. Stress locks and how to release these nerve and/or body locks that are created by events in the past.

  7. A COACH’ing state and CRASH’ing state and how to create a COACH state as a leader or coach

  8. Work with emotions like stress, fear, anger and frustration

  9. Release emotional and/or physical issues that concern the heart, head or stomach brain

  10. Underlying principles of the field connection in coaching, leadership and hypnotherapy

  11. Exercises to master the knowledge and feel/experience the change


Amanda Hassell from Focus hypnosis will be there to assist me to make this the best experience for you