Background Christoffel (Christopher) Sneijders

Besides working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist

/Psychotherapist with clients who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, and Addictions. I teach clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and NLP as a in Australia recognised diploma course.

Furthermore I work as an adjunct professor in leadership and organizational behaviour at the IE Business School where I deliver programs for the International and Global MBA, specialized courses and in company programs on organizational behaviour and leadership, communication, and coaching. And from time to time I still find time to work with individual companies on special programs in the area of leadership development, personal change and development, team dynamics and change management.

Now I am blessed with almost 30 years of experience in line management, consultancy, international training, coaching projects, and working with clients with severe issues. I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to be working with people in countries in Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, USA and of course Australia. 

I worked with more than 10.000 people in small training groups or face to face, working with some many people in a direct way gave me amazing insight and how we are the same and how we differ in how happiness and our suffers.

My training or teaching can be best describe - both in the MBA, business environment and in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy that they are based on my passion of bringing out the best in people and companies.

I am focused on the desired results of my clients (individuals and organizations) and I am working with a solution-oriented approach, using the tools/techniques needed for that specific situation/client context in order to achieve tangible results for the person and organisation. I embraces and live the principle of walk the talk instead of talk the talk, with means action learning and looking at areas such as leadership development, coaching, teams, managing diversity and change management with in mind what does the personal values, beliefs and behaviour of the individual contribute to the issue and solution.

Last but not least I have a huge passion for how are mind/body/spirit connection works. The “healing” we can do on mental issues, from anxiety and depression to the body healing, based on research that more than 90% of our physical issues find their root course in stress. Epigenetics, brain plasticity, neuroscience and quantum Mechanics are real hobbies for me. Besides that, the principles of leading companies on the principles of positive psychology and empowering people and connecting the values I find also fascinating and what that state of mind does with the result in all ways for companies, it is almost mind blowing. 

Academic Background

  • MBA in marketing, Amsterdam

  • BBA in marketing, Amsterdam

  • BBA in commercial engineering, North Holland

Academic Experience

  • Professor Behavioural Organisational Leadership, IE Business School, 2016

Maybe it makes sense to share a bit more about myself and that also explains the reason why my passion is the work I do and also why I created the ReMaster yourself workshop.


If I ask people how they perceive me, most people respond in the way like: you love to live life and live it intense, you never give up, you live with passion for almost everything you do, have a broad interest for other people, health and nature, and do your best to succeed in your dreams. And I learned it the hard way, without the golden spoon in my mouth and did the extra mile to achieve what I achieved.


As a result in work life I experienced, getting sacked, losing my job, starting over from scratch in Australia and Spain and yes the successes are a result of the lessons I learned. What means for me: follow your passion and dreams, do not give up but follow your dream and do not listen to people who never succeeded but take advices from people who achieved their dreams.


As a consequence of my wish to do everything: sport, work, being a father, socialising, taking care of friends etc. I also experienced a burn-out, more than one divorce and depression. I learned the hard way how to balance yourself, set priorities and how you live mindfulness instead of doing mindfulness. And last but not least: how to get rid of the limiting beliefs that we somewhere installed and walk around with. 


And as having the wish of being myself I experienced how it is to be bullied on school and being outcasted so I learned how to be myself and also being part of the social groups. I learned how I can be different (myself) and become accepted and even the cool kid.


Furthermore I know how it is to have dyslexia and failing on school, that effort is not enough to succeed. I had low grades on school for language and grammar, and extra tutoring did not help. Luckily I learned after doing years of extra study how to bypass my dyslectic disadvantage and I started to learn in a different and more suited way for me. I came aware that when I paid real attention to what the people told me, the lectures or instructions at work I could remarkably good remember what was said. Most dyslectic kids have a good auditory/visual memory and I used that talent without knowing that I did. The moment I really came aware of this, it turnout to be an advantage in working with clients, delivering trainings and lectures. As once a Johan Cruyff a dutch famous soccer played said: "every disadvantage has an advantage." I learned that focussing on your talents to achieve something is much more beneficial than doing the extra mile on your weak points. 


When I look back on my life I can truly say that I am grateful for all the lessons I could learn, without all the people who were part of my life I would not be who I am now. It does not mean I was happy on how things went on that moment but now I am grateful that I took the opportunity to learn from those events and people. 

I know that everybody does the things he/she does from a positive intention for him or her, with as purpose to achieve happiness or to avoid pain. That means that they do not intentionally hurt someone else but do not have the resources, knowledge, skills, insides on that moment to do it differently. 


More than 20 years ago when I was at a seminar of Anthony Robbins he said that if you like to learn something you have to find the person who masters the solution and knowledge, experienced the pain and overcame it successfully and is able to share the lessons. 


So this ReMaster yourself workshop is besides based on NeuroScience, Epigenetic's, Quantum Mechanics, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Gestalt therapy, Constellations, Existential theory, CBT, and Psychoanalyses (Freud and Jung), NLP, Reiki, and Aromatherapy is delivered by me, with all the lessons I learned, I experienced what most people experienced or are still experiencing and I learned the ways to overcome the obstacles and setbacks in life and create a happy and flourishing life.

My passion is this to share this with everyone so that you can create your own flourishing, healthy and happy life.

Let passion and performance be your driver

Christoffel Sneijders

the "Re"Master yourself workshop