Advanced Diploma in

Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Become better than you ever expected

  • By following the following courses you can upgrade your Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Holistic Psychotherapy to an Advanced Degree.  

  • The Connect & Coach component is all about how to connect with the HEAD, HEART and GUT brain and working on trauma, self acceptance, self worth, and more

  • The NLP component is all about techniques to create change in the mindset, understand and connect with the modalities people use of and great for addictions, procrastination, setting goals, phobias and more. 

The 3 components of the Advanced

We love that you help us to make the world a better, happier and healthier place to live. 

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NLP therapy component, phobias, beliefs and more 

Trauma/resilience: the head, heart and gut brain component